New Gator

The new Gator arrived this morning.  We’ve upgraded our Gator to a new model that has faster road speeds, they say up to 44 mph.  John used it already to go to the Lett farm and help Larry with some tractor trouble.  It’s always a neat thing when a new machine arrives, and this one is especially popular.  It used to be that we thought of this machine as an indulgence or luxury.  But now we’ve grown to rely on it; there’s rarely a day it does not get used in some way around the farm.  Spraying roadsides, hauling horse feed, or servicing other machinery makes it a useful tool.  So, it’s a happy day here.

Nathan delivers the new Gator this morning from Wright Stemle

Ready for work....

In other news,  soybean harvest has been going well.  I hope Philip can assemble a video of the combines running, in both corn and soybeans.  The days have been perfect for bean cutting…. sunny cloudless skies, warm temperatures, cool nights.  We are grateful for such conditions.

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