October 7

It’s Friday, and the good weather continues.  It is so favorable, we want to keep going on the soybeans, it’s perfect weather for that.  We will go look at the Freddie farm, our most distant location, this morning.  When Ross checked it Monday to see if the beans were ready for harvest, he came back and said, “No way.”  But with the dry and warm week we’ve had, they just might be ready to cut.  We are going to look, anyway.  If they are still a little ‘green’, we will revert back to corn harvest until there are more soybeans dry enough to cut.  I am hopeful we will be in the beans today.  It’s such a good day for it!

Yesterday, at the Nellie farm, named for our very special Aunt Nellie who lived on that farm in the 1920s, we found some severe drought damage.  I will be calling the crop insurance folks to initiate a claim.   Even so, we are happy with the harvest and the results.


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