Saturday night.

Just got home from finishing harvest on the Roberson farm.  I think the soybeans have been hurt a little by the very wet spring/summer and very dry late summer.  The yields are down a small percentage from expectations.   Yesterday, we finished the Ross farm and the Lett farm.  Today, we did Watjen and Roberson, then we moved the combines back home.  We will begin again on Monday morning… the forecast is very favorable for bean harvest!  Even though the yield is down somewhat, it is still a great pleasure for me to run the John Deere combine in soybeans; it is my favorite job of all the things I do.  So, the past two days have been very satisfying.

It is good to know that all the acres that will be planted to wheat are ‘uncovered’ and ready for Larry’s wheat planting expertise.  He began that process today on the Shake farm.

Another thing I try to do every evening after shutting down for the day is to use a leaf blower all over the combine.  This removes the build-up of the dust accumulated during the day.  (and boy, did it ever accumulate dust today!)  It yields two benefits:  1.  It makes  the post-harvest clean-up easier, for the dust does not get ‘packed’ onto the machine… a little rain over the top of the dust makes it get hard, and more difficult to wash away.   2.  And this is the main benefit, it reduces the chances of a combine fire.  There’s less combustible material clinging to the cracks and crevices around the engine and fuel tank.  A wise saying was “an ounce of prevention…”

Have a good weekend.

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