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Friday, May 6, 2022

We planted all the fields that we could this week.  We finally ran out of places that were dry enough to plant.  And to added to that, we received rain yesterday and today.  But the forecast is optimistic!   Looks like the cold, rainy days are going away for a couple weeks, and that is a happy thing.

Chilly and rainy morning in SWIN

10-day forecast is looking good this morning!

There is other good news at Carnahan & Sons too.  The wheat crop is looking pretty good, and has us hopeful for the upcoming harvest next month.  The heads are now emerging.   It will need one more fungicide treatment early next week.  The predicted hot days will really help the corn and soybeans that have already been planted.

Wheat heads are popping out

I dug up a soybean seed planted at the Huey farm. Even after 3 comparatively cool days, this little bean has a root that will soon push the cotyledons up to the surface.

Even though we cannot be in the fields, there is no shortage of activities to keep us busy.  Two tractors required an oil change, and the air drill required a lubrication.  John has the Volvo in the shop today chasing down and repairing air leaks.

John washed off the sprayer yesterday

The JD 9520R tractor got an engine oil change. The CIH STX420 did too.

The Volvo is in the shop to fix some air leaks

The concrete foundation for the new grain bin was completed yesterday.  They removed their forms during intermittent showers, but they got the job done.   It took 87 yards of concrete to build this foundation!   The steel for the bin is on-site, and the builders are expected to begin that construction in July.

Every time we pour new concrete, we like to etch the date into it.

Next week, we are hopeful we will get the planters rolling once again, and get much of #plant22 accomplished!

We don’t expect perfect planting conditions… it rarely is.   Ecc 11:4.   But better conditions seem to be coming.  PTL!

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