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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The planters have started rolling for #plant22!!

Seems like it has been a long time coming.  Yes, we would have preferred to plant the bulk of our acres in April, but the weather did not allow us to do that.  We did plant one field of soybeans in April, a 30-acre patch.   That allowed me to evaluate the air drill’s performance and work out any perceived ‘bugs’.  Didn’t find many problems, just a broken spring and a worn shut-off door in a seed meter.  Not bad at all for a start.

The JD 9520R tractor pulls this combo of a JD 1910 air cart and 1890 air drill. It plants 60- 10″ rows. The cart holds 350 bushels of seed. That is enough seed to plant 280 to 350 acres of soybeans, depending on the plant population.  Here, the soybeans are being planted into terminated cover-crop rye.

In this picture, we are loading soybean seed into the air cart from a semi-trailer. The seed is pink because it is coated with protective fungicide treatment.

I picked up another load of Asgrow seed soybeans today.

Here is the soybean planting drill at work.


Yesterday, May 2,  was the first day that both planters were operating.  Brandon took the CIH STX 420 and the CIH 2150 corn planter to Lett and Watjen farms, and got those fields of corn put in.  I went down to the Huey farm and planted soybeans on the hill parts of that farm.  So, it feels good to finally get the planters rolling!  What we got done yesterday makes us feel like we are making progress.  Yes, rain came last night as we were finishing the last field of the day, and that has kept me from returning to plant some more soybeans.  After a gray and drizzly morning, the afternoon has brought brilliant sunshine, 75ºF (24C) and strong wind.  That is drying the soils again.   By 4pm it was dry enough in one field for Brandon to return to planting corn.  I hope to get back into soybean planting again tomorrow.

The CIH STX 420 Rowtrac Tractor pulls a CIH 2150 24-row planter to plant the corn.

Here is the corn planter at work.

All the NH3 for the 2022 corn crop has been applied, and those application machines have been placed back in storage.

The construction crew came today from Kiesel Enterprises of Princeton, Indiana, to begin the construction of the foundation of the new grain bin.  It has been a long, long time since we built additional grain storage, and it is fascinating to watch the process.  It will continue to be interesting as we watch the new bin spring up from the ground. Finally, we will watch all the loading and unloading components get connected.

A trench is excavated for the footer of the foundation. Rebar is installed.

The footer is poured in the bottom of the trench. Forms will be built to receive the concrete above this layer to create the foundation for the walls of the bin.

We are pleased to be making some headway on #plant22!


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