Ending the week on a high note

Friday, December 3, 2021

It’s 67 degrees out there!  (19C)  Yesterday and today we’ve had upper 60s for temperatures.  Who would have thought that December would begin with days like this?  Wednesday was a dreary, wet day, but that seems long ago now.

Brandon is making the KW look much better.  It got pretty messy on the highways on Wednesday, but he’s cleaning it up again this afternoon.  The Mack Vision that Bill likes to drive could use a good wash too.

Washing the K-dub on a really nice December afternoon.

John continues to make progress on the mixing system on the new Demco trailer.  The 2-inch fittings for the plumbing system have been delayed, but he’s been able to get most of the electrical gadgets he needs.  It is coming together.

He caught a bargain on some under-the-deck storage boxes, and they arrived today.


John now has the Demco trailer out of the shop.  He has kinda ‘caught up’ with what he can do until his plumbing fittings arrive.

So far, so good.

Brandon and Bill have been delivering some corn and soybeans to market… corn to GPC-Washington, IN,  and soybeans to ADM-Newburgh, IN.  The grain looks really nice as it drops into the trucks.

Loading Bill’s Mack Vision with soybeans.

Yes, it’s a little dusty, but the soybeans are beautiful as they fill the semi-trailer

Mr. Worland’s work on the ditch south of Wheatland is progressing nicely.  The part south of US 50 has been completed, and yesterday I was able to spread fescue seed on the banks.  He’s now working on the stretch between Wheatland and US 50.

The east side is nearly finished, and Mr. Worland said he hopes to finish this job tomorrow. Sure has been a nice couple days to do this conservation work.

We need to get the corn planter into the shop and replace the opener disk blades. Soon, we will move that planter inside and make that upgrade.  It will get a thorough inspection and any other part that is worn out will get replaced, too.

Big basketball game tonight:  Iowa at Purdue… If Purdue wins this one, they will likely be ranked first in the nation!   As we have learned, we won’t count our chickens before they’re hatched.  Experience as a Purdue fan tells us it’s best to remain humble.  But we are hopeful!  We have some tickets to the Nebraska game in January.  It will be fun to be in Mackey again!

Have a wonderful weekend.



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