It’s December already?

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

December arrived with a chilly, gray, and rainy morning.  The rain departed about 3 pm this afternoon, and we had a few minutes of sunshine.  But the clouds gathered again making for a gray afternoon.  It looks like winter out there.

Bill and Brandon have been busy today taking grain to GPC at Washington, Indiana.  The trucks will stay busy for several days this month… we have contracts to deliver.

Getting Bill’s Vision loaded to go to GPC


The wheat crop is looking quite nice right now.   It is at a good stage of growth to enter freezing weather.  We will meet with our consultant on Friday to evaluate the fields and plan for the first application of nitrogen.

Wheat crop at the home farm looking pretty good.

We have some conservation work going on.  Mr. Worland is straightening a ditch that forms the boundary between the Newman and Steen farms.  After he is done we will spread fescue seed along the banks with the hope that a good sod will grow and protect the banks from erosion.  We will run a hand-cranked seeder to spread that seed.

Won’t be long until these ditch banks will be ready to seed.

The county highway department has been working on our road, to put down new blacktop paving.  It made for some inconvenience for a couple days, but it’s nice to have a smooth road again.  By doing this work at this time of year, it won’t get any tractor tires marking it up while it ‘cures’.

The paving crew on East Wheatland Road on Monday. (29 Nov)

After a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, we worked a couple days at home to set up some Christmas decorations.  Mainly two trees are the bulk of what we do these days.  They turned out nice.

We like clear or white lights on our Christmas trees.  The ornaments we have collected for over 43+ years.





It seems like December got here really fast.  I guess it goes with the old saying that “the days are often slow, but the years go fast”.  I hope to get to a basketball game soon.  (many, actually) After all, we are in Indiana!  Our South Knox Spartans HS team lost its season opener to Sullivan, but should still have a pretty successful season.  And Purdue has been doing pretty well so far!  I hoping to get to Mackey this season to cheer for the Boilermakers!

Sunset last Sunday evening was pretty nice.


Have a good rest of your week.












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