Clean-up continues…

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Brandon has been quite busy with the clean-up.  He has given his touch to several machines so far.  He uses compressed air to blast off caked-on dirt along with loose dust and leaves.  Then, he uses a garden hose, bucket of suds and a long-handled brush to do the final cleaning.   The results are pretty good.  One could say it’s almost #Andyclean.  (Andyclean is one of the stars of AgTwitter).   The weather forecast tell us this will be the final warm day for quite a while, so the “washing’ part of the clean-up will probably move into the shop.

Here are some of items he’s made look almost ‘like new’.

First was the Demco 1322 grain cart


The CIH STX420 Rowtrac

The Mack Vision

The MacDon FD75

The JD RD40F

The Mack CH model we call “Vanna”

The combines will get the treatment soon.  First, with compressed air…

Fertilizer continues to be spread for the 2022 crops.  We are meeting with our Nutrien folks to nail down the costs for the herbicides, fungicides, and other treatments.  We did finalize our seed choices for corn and soybeans on Monday.  We are working diligently to develop a clear picture of the plans and costs for the 2022 crop year.  It is rather startling to discover how the input costs have dramatically risen over 2021.  My work on the crop budget has been more critical than ever.  But once we get that as accurate as we can, it does make us more confident marketers of our bushels.

John is deep into the design and execution of the chemical mixing and delivery system for the new Demco sprayer tender trailer.  It is quite a project, but he is thorough in his planning.  At least we have the experience of the previous system we built on the old water trailer to draw upon, as well as viewing various sophisticated and elaborate (and expensive) systems online.

Ross has been marketing more of the 2021 crop and early portions of the 2022 crop.  Bill has been delivering many of those loads to the markets at Washington and/or Newburgh, Indiana.

Loading the Vision for Bill to take to Newburgh

Bill Berry. He knows the road to Newburgh well. Says “he knows every bump in the road”.

I guess it may be easy for a person unfamiliar with the nature of grain farming to think that when the field work in caught up, there is nothing else to be done.  So, when someone asks, “Are ya done farmin’?” we say, “well, the crush of harvest is over, but the work goes on”.    At least after harvest, the pace lets up and we have a more ‘normal’ work day.  Home for supper, for example.

We will certainly enjoy the warmth of this day, and respond appropriately to whatever the next few days bring us.  As always we remain grateful for this privilege of being farmers in SWIN.

Gonna be an even more special Thanksgiving this year.


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