#harvest21 is complete

Monday, November 8, 2021

Last week was a wonderful November weather week.  Even though there was frost each morning, the afternoons were beautiful!  The fields dried down enough by Wednesday that we could return to the DCB fields.   We were able to finish on Saturday afternoon.  It is a good feeling to have that bulk of work behind us, and reflect with gratitude for the good yields.   It took 54 days start-to-finish, not every day was field work, but every one was needed to deliver grain, repair machines, and keep the bookkeeping current.  We already are deep into the planning and beginning steps for the 2022 crops.  Much of the fertility for ’22 corn and soybeans has already been applied.   The folks at Nutrien continue to move ahead as we cleared off the fields of ’21 crops.  There are some challenges as we look ahead to the ’22 crop season, but today we will rejoice in the good harvest of 2021.   The Lord has blessed us (and the farmers of the region) with a harvest of bounty.

Here are some last-day-of-harvest pictures.

Nearly finished at the Steen farm, along Hwy 241 near Wheatland

Last pass of DCB

John spent some time with me on Saturday afternoon.

Here’s the team that leads this farm.
Dennis, John, Ross, and Brandon

Next Gen

Combines wait quietly in the shed for their turn on the wash pad!

It’s another beautiful November day today, and some clean-up will begin today.

Brandon’s already working on the Demco 1322 grain cart to prepare to be stored away. Since it stores behind all other things, it gets cleaned first.

We brought home a new Demco sprayer tender trailer this week.  It replaces a very old Fruehauf grain trailer with a home-made set up that we first utilized in 1989.  This one will have a bit more capacity, should speed the sprayer pit stops, and be safer and more convenient.  John will have a big project over the winter in order to get this fully set up ahead of next spring’s spraying.

out with the old…

…in with the new

We meet this morning with our seed reps to figure out the hybrid/variety mix for ’22.  As the old Sonny and Cher song says…”the beat goes on”.    I guess that shows my age, huh?  In other words, we stay engaged in the management of Carnahan & Sons grain farm.  But now, the pace will be more like normal life, since we have #harvest21 in the rear-view-mirror.

Have a great week.  Keep looking forward to Thanksgiving Day.  We have many reasons to be thankful.



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