Some fixin’

Friday, October 29, 2021

Yesterday afternoon, we had a busy time with some repairs.  Mechanics from both our CIH and JD dealers came by to do some fixin’.  On the CIH 8250 combine, Brad worked on the programming of the engine, to make it run smoother in ‘road mode’.  He also assisted in replacing a sensor on the grain loss monitor.

For the JD, I had been experiencing some uneven lift on the reel of the new RD40F.  The reel is the black, rotating cage-like device on the top-front of the header whose fingers rake the crop into the cutterbar and move it onto the draper belts.  The broad draper belts move the crop toward the center of the header to be fed up into the combine.  Merely bleeding the master/slave cylinders did not keep it level.  So, Devin replaced the little valve block that controls the oil flow on the reel.  It is working well now, and we will see if it stays that way.

This was not a difficult repair, but I’m glad the header is still under warranty!

Devin replaced that silver valve block right at eye level. The block came with the color-coded fittings already installed. They connected back to the color-coded hoses very quickly and easily. Then he bled the end cylinders to re-phase them with the masters. The reel is lifting evenly now.

Before we return to the DCB field, Ross intends to swap out the spare knife in the MacDon header.  It will take sharper cutting parts to cut through the straw from this summer’s wheat crop.   That will make the remaining days of #harvest21 go more smoothly for him.

We had both corn and soybeans going to market yesterday.  Some to Robinson Grain, the local elevator, and some to ADM in Newburgh, Indiana. (on the Ohio River).  The trucks are busy again today.

It’s a weird looking, gray and overcast day today.  When you still have DCB to cut, this is not what you’re looking for!  But the forecast is improving, and the first week of November looks to be colder but clearer.  It’ll take a few dry days before we can return to the DCB harvest, and then 2.5-3 field work days to finish them off.  This will be the first year in several now that we will not complete harvest in October.  I guess we’ve been a little spoiled in the past few years with dry October days!

Gray skies, damp, a bit foggy. Reminds me of some of the days I experienced in Oregon when my son Philip lived out there.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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