Two outta three

Thursday, October 28, 2021

It’s raining again this morning.  Only .14″ (3.6mm) so far, but it looks and feels like more.  After the weekend heavy rain, we were able to return to corn harvesting yesterday, and we finished off the final field of 2021 corn.  That felt good to check that task off the list.  But, rather than celebrate, we switched the combines over and moved over to Wheatland and started on some of the DCB (double-crop soybeans).  We used the rest of the day into the evening.   Cutting went better than I expected with the beans running 13.4 down to 12.9 moisture… a pleasant surprise.  After completing two fields, we moved the combines back home and placed them in the shed ahead of today’s predicted rain.  They are situated there now, waiting patiently for the next opportunity to cut more DCB.

These were the last rows of corn for the fall harvest

Working in a DCB field on the east edge of Wheatland

DCB on the Steen farm.

The rain total so far this morning. It’s predicted to rain off-and-on through today and tomorrow.

It’s a gray, drizzly, Oregon-like day here in SWIN… but the wheat crop looks great!

The combines are tucked away in the shed, awaiting dry conditions to finish off DCB harvest.  Yes, it’s gonna take some effort to get them clean again!

So, of the 3 crops we harvest in the fall… corn, soybeans, and DCB… two of them are complete!



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