Project wrap-up

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

At least one of our projects has been completed.  The guys from Hendrixson Concrete finished their work here yesterday.  We are very pleased with the quality of their work.  They built a new pad for a bin fan, repaired the concrete over the unload system on Bin #9, constructed a new apron for the old unload pit, and poured a new wash pad for us.   Once these new concrete areas ‘cure’, we will put them to use.  They really look nice, and they will be more functional and durable than before.

Putting the finishing touches on the wash pad

Other projects remain unfinished, mainly the installation of a new aeration floor in our Bin #4.  The materials should arrive next week…or so… it’ll take a couple days to install it.

We still wait for the return of the little JD tractor from the dealer’s shop.  The days are winding down for the window to mow the roadsides another time.  The shop manager thinks he will have the tractor back to us by the weekend.  I sure hope that happens.  The skill or dedication of the dealer’s shop has not created the delay, but it has taken a lengthy period of time to gather in all the necessary parts.  We are grateful this machine is still under warranty!

The weather has been more uncomfortable for about a week now.  I guess we should not be surprised by the mid-90s temps and the high humidity… it is August in southern Indiana.   I suppose we are just a more acclimated to our air conditioned homes and vehicles.  Our outside jobs this week have been done in the earlier-morning relative cool, or in little spurts with times taken to cool back down.

Mornings have been foggy recently

We performed the over-the-air software updates to the JD equipment.  Each one took about 45 minutes to download and install.  It is very convenient to do these twice-a-year updates.  Our John Deere tractors and combine are all connected to JD Link, and that makes such convenience possible.

Fall harvest preparations continue.  John replaced a big batch of filters on the JD S780 combine yesterday.  The fuel and engine oil filters will be changed at the next oil change, but air filters, and such were switched out yesterday.   Just another step on fall harvest prep.  Brandon has been doing maintenance on the trucks.

Brandon keeps the trucks ready

The 780 is in the shop for new filters

As we look ahead, harvest could begin in about 3 weeks.  You can see the corn and soybeans are definitely ‘turning’.   It will be amazing here in this neighborhood over the next 75-80 days and we see the crops come in.   We hope that the weather is cooperative, with mostly dry and sunny days.   And cooler nights would be more comfortable, too!

You can tell the soybeans are ‘turning’

You can tell it is fall when you finally notice that the sun feels hot, but the air is cooler.


Enjoy the rest of your week.

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