Concrete projects moving along

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The crew of Hendrixson Concrete is making progress toward some new concrete surfaces for the farm.  There are four parts to this month’s work.  We are replacing the homemade concrete apron from 1973 at the unload pit.  It was breaking up, sinking a bit, and making it hard to clean up after unloading a truck.  We are replacing our outdoor ‘wash pad’, where we clean up tractors, trucks, and combines.  It was also a homemade concrete pad, made up of a patchwork of different additions over the years, and was not holding up very well.  They will repair the hole where the concrete was broken out to replace the unload augers from Bin #9.  And finally, Bin #9 gets a new concrete base for the newly-installed aeration floor’s fan.  So, lots of concrete work this month.

Larry Branch works to break out some more corners near the old unload pit. The forms and rebar for the new unload apron are pretty much in place. Looks great– much more substantial than our homemade work back in 1973!

As is normal with concrete work, the ‘getting ready’ is lots more work-intensive than the actual pour and finish.  The crew has been working diligently to bust up the old, cracked and faulty stuff, level and compact the underneath surface, build forms, and install the rebar.   It looks like some initial concrete will be poured today near the shop, where they are making a ‘curb’ by the adjoining buildings– before they pour the wash pad.

The ‘curb’ forms are in place.

It’s started…pouring the curb near the shop

It is exciting to think what the finished product will be!  These high-traffic areas will be much more functional and user-friendly.  Farm improvements like these are very satisfying to see developed and completed.

In other news…

As we anticipate the fall harvest, Brandon and John are doing preventive maintenance on some of  the trucks today, and making sure they are ready for fall.

New brake pads and drums are needed on the Vision semi today. All part of preparation for fall.

We look around at our maturing crops, and we are hopeful.  Even the double-crop soybeans (DCB) have now emerged from the wheat straw and have carpeted the golden field with a beautiful, deep-green covering.  I think you can see just the faintest hint that the earliest-planted corn is beginning to ‘turn’.  Our preparation must follow suit, for #harvest21 is only about 4 weeks (or so) away!  Another ‘busy season’ will soon be upon us.

DCB looking pretty nice.  We are grateful… we only plant them…God makes them grow


As we anticipate what looks like (at least right now it does) a very promising harvest, we pray for safety for all those who will be working extra long hours to bring in the 2021 crop.  Be safe out there, everyone.

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