Getting ready for fall

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

August already?  Another calendar page has flipped!

We continue our march to prepare for fall harvest.  Bin work continues, with the guys from Montgomery Welding working to wrap up the new unloader and drying floor/aeration in bin #9, and the flooring repair and new fan on bin #4.   It’s getting there.  Soon, the electrician can hook up all these new items to get them powered up.

Matt fashions the transition cone that will adapt the fan to the bin.

Ready for the electrician.

Brandon has washed the CIH 8250 combine, the last remaining machine to get cleaned after wheat harvest.  It’s a big job, in two stages.  First, he uses air to blow away loose debris, then the machine gets a thorough soapy scrubbing, and a final rinse.  Looks great afterwards.

The scrub brush removes any trace of surface dirt.

We have elected so far not to apply more fungicide to any corn.  Most of it is now ‘made’, and the treatment would not add bushels to the yield.  It may make the stalks stand better, making for an easier harvest, but we will hope there is no severe windstorm to knock the corn over.   The soybeans are looking healthy right now.  We are hopeful for a good yielding crop this fall.  Of course, it’s a long way from being in our bins, but so far, so good.

Soybeans at Lett.  

The trucks need to be washed and serviced in advance of the fall harvest.  One by one, they are brought into our shop and made ready.

The KW has a turn in the shop

I’m hoping to get the little JD 6130R tractor rolling again today.  I’d like to mow the roadsides one more time before fall busy season.

…and to top it off, the weather is a cool 59ºF (15C) this morning.  It feels like fall!

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