End-of-July news

July 30, 2021

Well, the oppressive heat from the past week has broken, at least a little.  Highs near 80ºF (26C) rather than the mid-90s today.  And, of course, the humidity was high on those hotter days making for heat index numbers over 100ºF!  Better today.  There must have been a front pass through last evening.  Just before dark we had some thunder and lightning, and got a wonderful .6″ (15mm) of rain.

Gotta mow the yard this afternoon.  It probably needs cut 2x/week yet, but once is all it gets!

I’ll drive this little JD this afternoon to mow the yard.

Even though the weather is cooler today, still, it’s hot for one of the jobs John is working on today.  He is in our bin #4, with the guys from Montgomery Welding, scooping up loose grain.  The aeration floor was removed this week, and now they are cleaning up the debris and spoiled grain that somehow worked its way beneath the flooring.  Once cleaned, the perforated metal floor will be reinstalled and a new centrifugal fan will be hooked up.  That one should run much more quietly than the old axial fan it replaces.  The axial fan is being moved to another bin, in a location away from the unload pit– where the noise won’t be a factor.

Yucky job, but necessary.

Inside the bin with the metal flooring removed. Soon, it will be ready to be reinstalled

This new fan will be placed on bin #4, near the unload pits. It will be easier on the ears than the axial fan it replaces

Jason from H&R Agri-Power came today to facilitate attaching the dual wheels to the CIH 8250 combine.  H&R had taken the combine to their facility in Poseyville, Indiana in order to perform a special update to the cleaning system.  The duals had to be removed so that the combine could be hauled to the dealer.   We needed their help to reattach those big wheels and get them tightened down correctly.

Jason helped guide the forklift driver (me) to get the duals into position.

His $8000 air-powered torque wrench fastened the duals exactly to the 1000 ft-lbs specification.

Our soybeans are looking pretty nice right now.  There may be some weed escapes come during August, but hopefully not bad enough to spray again.

Our soybeans at the Crook farm location. About waist-high tall, and still standing well.

Yesterday’s rain will help these little pods fill

The Indiana State Fair opens today in Indianapolis.  They expect record crowds this year.

Hope you have pleasant weekend.


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