Another new experience

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

We have been a bit perplexed about this planting season.  The soil conditions are quite good, but the weather has been  unusually cool.  But we have chosen to forge ahead, placing seed in the ground, in hopes of warmer days ahead.

Yesterday provided us another new experience.  Ross was planting corn and I was planting soybeans in the fields southeast of Wheatland.  The day started very nice, but clouds moved in after lunch, and the wind picked up.  The forecast turned out to be fairly accurate, for light rain began about 630pm.  It turned to snow about 730 pm!!  Ross finished at the Holscher farm ahead of the rain, and he moved his tractor and planter back home.  I kept going at the Huey farm, and was able to finish that Flat Left field even though it was raining lightly for the last half-hour.  As I folded the drill, and turned up the Huey Farm grass road, the snow started!    We have never before planted on a day that we received snow!  When I arrived back at the main farm, the ground was nearly covered with a thin blanket of white.  We awoke today to the roofs and lawn areas of white, but by the afternoon, the snow was gone.

The drive home from the Huey farm was in the snow!

We will examine the wheat more closely in a couple days, to inspect for any damage from the cold overnight temperature of 32ºF (0ºC).  It was only that cold for about an hour.  We would expect the wheat to be okay, but we will examine it to be certain.

So… April Snow!  The subject for lots of stories today!

Remnants of last night’s snow remain late this morning.

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