Corn #plant21

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Seems rather chilly out there today.  After an overnight temperature of 38ºF (3C), it has climbed up to 62ºF (16C).  The wind is blowing a bit too strong for John to be able to spray.  But Ross is having a good afternoon, starting out with the corn planter.  He is using our CIH STX 420 Rowtrac with a CIH 2150 24-row planter.  On this first day, it is typical to have a ‘slow start’, as you discover just how well the planter is working.   After a few rounds, he will make any needed adjustments, and then he can continue with greater confidence that all is working well.

Ross makes the first pass of #plant21 for corn.

I expect to return to #plant21 for soybeans tomorrow.  Last weekend’s rain has taken many days to allow the soil surface to dry down!

C’mon, warmer days!


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