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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

John had an interesting morning.  He was contacted by folks from Michelin, who were interested in his experience with ag tires.  They set up a Zoom call that took place this morning.  He was connected to a Michelin exec in Paris (yes, that’s France, not Illinois or Kentucky) and another in Quebec.  They discussed various aspects about tire maintenance and wear life.  John expressed his ideas about tire sizes and inflations that would be beneficial for the future.  It was an interesting hour for him, and we hope it was helpful for the people on the other end.  That communication technology amazes me.

John’s conversation this morning makes me think of  The Jetsons…

In other farm happenings, we recently removed the “quick coupler” from the back of the JD 7130 tractor.   Brandon has it in the shop to clean it up and apply a fresh coat of green paint.  We want to make it look as good as possible, because this hitch is going to have an important change coming soon.

Fresh green paint

We have a sunny day today, but still a bit chilly with high temperatures in the low 40s.  It is not as warm as last weekend, when we got to the mid 60s!  That brought a significant rain event, over 1.5″ (41mm).  As the soil conditions improve this week, the local roads will firm up from their post-thaw softening.  Looks like we will have a sunny and dry window of opportunity late this week to bring home the ammonia applicator and the soybean air drill from their remote storage location at the Huey farm.   When those machines show up here, it will feel like #plant21 is nearly upon us.

We are appreciating the bright sunshine today.  Blue skies are beautiful!


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