Clean again

Friday, February 26, 2021

I took my pickup to town and ran it through the car wash.  I thought that would help clean both the outside and the underside of the pickup.  It is important to get that road salt off asap.  The lane is settling up quite a bit today, and it is less soft and messy.  So, this wash job should last until the next rain (or snow).

Feels good to get that salt and grime off..

I also washed down the shop floor today.  During that task, I also washed the Gator… and now the shop and the Gator look better!

The shop floor is freshly washed, along with the Gator.

Thoughts turn to springtime next week as March arrives.  During the month of March we will be inspecting the corn planter, and bringing home the soybean planter and the ammonia applicator.  Those two machines should not require much in the way of maintenance, because the air drill was rebuilt before #plant20.

Pat and I took in the TobyMac Hits Deep Tour concert at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis last night.  Wow! What a spectacular show!  Accompanying the headliner were:  Terrian, Tauren Wells, We Are Messengers, Unspoken, and Cochren and Co… all superb!

BLF is a wonderful venue

TobyMac introduced a new song, Help is on the Way.

It was a high-energy performance! Loved those familiar tunes…

It is noticeably warmer in recent days, with highs in the 50s and nights above freezing.  Seems like spring is coming!

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