Snow, and memories of the ‘big one’

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Yes!  It is snowing!   The white stuff started coming down at about noon, and by 1, the ground began to turn white.  We have a 1-3 inches predicted (25  to 76 mm), so we are not going to mimic the “Great Blizzard of ’78”, which occurred on this date 43 years ago.  Those of us old enough to remember can recall how relentlessly the snow and wind pounded us that day and night.   We were isolated by the very deep snow for days, unable to get any vehicle in or out of the farm.  Fortunately, we never lost our electric power.  Finally, it finally took a neighbor’s bulldozer to clear a path through the deep snow banks.    We drove in and out that white ‘channel’ for weeks.   The vertical, white walls along the opening were up to the hood of the pickup, and in some places above the top of the cab!  We are normally pleased to live 1/2 mile off the county road, but that was something else.

Our 1/2 mile lane looked a lot like this after the great blizzard.

Today’s snow, after about an hour of snowfall…

…and after 2 hours of snowfall, the area is turning mostly white!

Really, it’s kinda pretty.

Local Knox County schools dismissed early today, and all evening activities and games have been cancelled.  They’re taking this weather event seriously.

As evening approaches, it is amazing how quiet the countryside becomes under this blanket of white.  I don’t exactly know why that happens, but it brings a peaceful silence to our rural scene.  Calming and reassuring… all at the same time.

So, we will enjoy this snow while it lasts.  With temps of 40s predicted for Friday, it won’t hang around very long.



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2 Responses to Snow, and memories of the ‘big one’

  1. Renee Klein says:

    Thanks for the update. Loved the comparison photos – you are certainly organized !
    Enjoy and come back soon to Florida!!

  2. casifarm says:

    Thanks, Renee. We are enjoying this white blanket. It has not created a big problem, so it’s nice to enjoy it. It is surprising how quiet the countryside is when covered in snow. The silence is really something! Keep warm for us!

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