Projects nearly complete and HNY

Thursday, December 31, 2020

The last day of 2020 has come.  The guys are still working in the shop.  John is now polishing the Gator with some kind of new ceramic-like compound.  He says it takes 6 or 7 steps to finish the process.  This treatment is only for the hood and the roof which have painted, hard surfaces. The other green plastic on the doors and bed have been treated with another substance to make the black and green colors bright and shiny.

John should get done by the end of the day.


Brandon continues his work on the KW.  He will not quite get it finished today, but he has worked very diligently on this project.  Today, he has completed most of the brake refurbish, most of the new lighting is installed, and the guy from Dobson Ford at Washington, Indiana came to apply the door lettering and window tint.  It won’t be too long now until it is road-ready.  Next week, hopefully…for there are several loads to deliver.

Just a couple more brakes to repair

It’s kinda coming together

They did nice work on the lettering on the doors.

It has been quite interesting to watch the progress on these projects.  I’m getting a feel for what the finished product will be.

Yesterday was a chilly and rainy day.  We received about .9″ (23mm) in an all-day rain.  After dark, along about 10 pm, the cold front arrived and you could hear sleet hitting the windows.  We awoke today to little patches of snow on the ground and a dusting on the roofs.  It looks like winter today.  A warming trend is coming for the weekend, so this won’t hang around very long.  Hopefully, we will have some snowy days in January and February.  Better then than in April or May!

The new year brings a time of hope and optimism.  Maybe we should cling to those things and not let doubt creep in.  It’s always easier said than done, but we can try.  When you really stop and consider, you can always find reasons to be thankful.

Happy 2021, everyone.



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