Shop work continues

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Work continues in the shop.  The new (to us) Kenworth truck is occupying Brandon’s days.  He is adding some special lighting, and doing some repairs.  Looks like the brakes need some work, and a couple wheel seals replaced.  Some touch-up paint will go on the frame.  He is also delivering some corn to the market at GPC.  That delivery pace will pick up  next week for sure.  There will be corn to deliver to GPC and soybeans to deliver to ADM on the Ohio River.

The K-Dub truck is up on stands to allow work on the brakes. The exhaust system is being upgraded too.

John, in another project, is also adding lights to the new (to us) JD Gator.  After the work lights and beacon light have been installed, he is using a new kind of cleaner/polish on the plastic exterior panels.  This brightens their appearance to ‘like new’, without making dust cling.  It sure looks neat when he gets done.  It looks ‘wet’ even though the surfaces are dry.  He will also apply a different kind of an automotive cleaner/wax to the roof and hood.

John tests a special wax coating to a corner of the Gator’s roof. It cuts through the dull finish and leaves a smooth, slick, and shiny bright surface. You can see one of the rear work lights and the beacon light he installed.

When you compare this picture to the previous one, the black surfaces of the Gator are now a deep, rich black… instead of the pale, sun-faded color before the treatment.

Many people are speaking about how glad they’ll be to see 2020 come to an end.   I guess that sentiment is understandable.  But to claim this is the worst year ever is probably a bit of a stretch.  My opinion is that there have been others that were even more difficult.  Take any year during WWII.  Take any year during the Great Depression.  Mom and Dad’s stories of ‘lean times’ during their early years of marriage (1937 and following) make me shudder.  They told of snow on your blanket when they woke up in the morning… thorough cracks in the uninsulated walls of the house.  They reported that sometimes the water in the reservoir on the kitchen wood stove froze during the night.   I think we could use some perspective on what we think ‘hard things’ really are.  Yes, there are those who have lost jobs or have even lost loved ones to the pandemic, and those difficulties cannot be taken lightly.  But for the most of us, we have had not had to sacrifice much more than our convenience.   It has definitely been a controversial time.  It has been made more difficult than perhaps necessary:  you can find an expert to validate any opinion you want to have about the pandemic…from “it’s nothing” to “we’re all in immediate, mortal danger”.   Trying to figure out just what is a proper response is perplexing.   Let us pray that a better semblance of normal returns in the coming year.   Even with all the controversy, it drives home an important fact for people of faith.   We can face whatever comes with hope and confidence, for the things that truly matter forever are still A-OK. 

Philippians 4:6-7.  

Happy  New Year to all!




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