First snow flakes in November

November 30, 2020

We have a few snow flakes in the air this morning.  It seems like it is early to be seeing such things!  No, it’s not sticking, but at times the flurries are heavy.  It takes a bit to wrap your brain around the fact that we are getting snow already.   Maybe since snow is coming early this year, we will actually have some for Christmas!

The camera doesn’t quite capture the flurries in the air.

Looking out, you can see the big snow flakes against the evergreen trees.

As December arrives tomorrow, the pace of activity will pick up again.  Soybean deliveries will be made for the December contracts, and corn will be going out too.  The cold should keep the roads dry (and the trucks cleaner) as they go out for the next several days.

We received a package Saturday from the John Deere Des Moines (Ankeny) sprayer factory.  It is a collection of goodies that is their substitute for a Gold Key visit.  We have done the Gold Key at the tractor, combine, and sprayer factories.  But this time, with the COVID situation, the on-site visit was not allowed.  Instead, they sent photographs of our actual machine on the assembly line, a unique hat, some other gifts, and the gold key!    Of course, the factory tour is preferred, but this was a good substitute.

John reviews the contents of that special Gold Key package from Des Moines. He is examining the actual gold key!

We received another USDA survey in the mail.   It is a bit cumbersome to fill out these things that seem to come 4 or more times per year.  One thing that lets it go a bit faster is that you can go to a USDA website and fill it out there.  The paper document has an identity code you enter to make certain this survey is identified as the response from our particular farm business.

It requests about a dozen pages of information about acres and bushels of crops.

The days and nights this week are predicted to be unusually colder than average.  We don’t expect to have a blanket of snow because the ground still warm enough to melt it as it falls.  But days in the low 40s and nights in the 20s will be enough to remind us that it is basketball season in this Hoosier state.

Keep warm.



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