More post-harvest steps

Monday, November 23, 2020

The guys are making more progress on the tasks that must be completed after harvest.  Another tractor got its wash job today.  Brandon cleaned up the CIH STX 420 Rowtrac.  It may not be quite #Andyclean, but it looks really good.  Keeping the machines and trucks clean and shiny is a priority around here.

Brandon has the 420 shining again

Two guys from Hutson, Inc. came today to perform a type of ‘tire rotation’ on the JD 9520R tractor.  When we bought this tractor at just one year old, it “ticked all the boxes” –except for having Michelin tires.  It had Firestones instead.  Now, at 4 years old, the front tires are getting pretty nicked up.  Driving through corn stalk stubble is hard on these tires.  So we moved the front ones to the back, and the back ones to the front.   With this change, we hope to get 2-3 more years of use out of this set of tires.  To compare, our 2012 9360R tractor has Michelins, and those are in much better shape than these Firestones, at double their age and hours!

Guys from Hutsons used our forklift along with their crane to facilitate the change.

We splurged this fall and purchased a ThunderCreek fuel trailer.  We recently added a utility box on the back of it.  In that box we placed our air compressor (compressor+generator, actually… called a ‘compressorator’).  We also added a cabinet of 5 drawers for parts and frequently-used tools.  Then, John moved the bottles of engine oil, hydraulic oil, and water from the front compartment to the more-accessible utility box.  We are really pleased with the set-up.  It worked very well for us during the fall harvest.  With these modifications, it will be even more helpful next spring and summer.  And many seasons to come!

Now the fuel trailer is complete. The utility box on the back provides more of the essential items needed for service in the field.

For many weeks now, we have had a special visitor each morning just before sunrise.  A mature cardinal arrives to eat from Pat’s bird feeder… and he is very predictable.  It is a special treat to catch his visit each morning.  Sometimes he brings Mrs. Cardinal, but she wasn’t with him today.  Indiana sure has a handsome state bird!

Early this morning, we had our daily visit from Mr. Cardinal.

A couple days ago, we had a rare return visit in the afternoon.

We continue to patiently endure our COVID quarantine.  We have had no symptoms.  So, unless we develop some, we should be able to end our relative isolation on Saturday.  That will be great!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  We have so many reasons to be grateful.  1 Thessalonians 5:18.



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