Wheat harvest prep

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Today, the combines came out of storage to prepare for wheat harvest.  The inner workings of each one requires some significant changes in order to do an efficient job of harvesting.  It is a pleasant, sunny day to work on these machines.  The humidity is down a bit, and it is 81ºF (27C).

The concaves are switched out of the CIH 8250 and on the JD S780, inserts are placed under the concave, and special covers placed over strategic parts of the separator grates.  In making these changes, the result is a remarkably clean grain sample.  Of course there are other adjustments that are made specifically for harvesting wheat, but these are the changes that require some mechanic work.  The others are made without tools, and mostly with the push of a button on the control panel screen.

On the JD S780:

There are 2 inserts placed under the forward parts of the concave.

There are these covers placed on 3 rows of the separator grates, here on the LH side.  Two rows of covers are installed on the RH side–but it is really difficult to maneuver to get them installed.

The JD 640FD has lock-out bolts installed to make the cutterbar rigid.

JD S780 is nearly ready…

On the CIH 8250:

The air filters are cleaned with compressed air

The round-bar concaves that are suitable for harvesting corn and soybeans are removed. Here you see the front concave has been taken out…

… and these small-wire concaves are installed in their place

The Case-IH 8250 is almost prepared.

A thorough lubrication is given to each combine. That should be enough to take care of the 3-4 days it will take to harvest the wheat crop.  The MacDon header for the CIH combine will come out next to be serviced and prepared.

The wheat that is grown here in SWIN is a type of soft, red winter wheat.  It is not typically used for bread or pasta, but made into a richer flour for cakes and pastries.

My estimate for a start to wheat harvest is Monday, June 22.


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