Got a rain.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Yes it rained.  YAY!  According to, we received .4″ (10mm) late yesterday afternoon.  It was pretty even across all our fields.  We had been praying for rain, and it was good to get a little bit.  It is still windy today, but less than yesterday’s gusts of around 40 mph.  We are thankful for the rain.

Our corn, soybean, and wheat crops all look fairly good today.  Maybe not excellent, but better than at this time in 2019.  The wheat looks like it will still be 10-12 days before harvest.  The corn and soybeans are acquiring a deep, rich green color.  The weeds are drying up.   It’s a good week here at Carnahan & Sons.

The corn still leans a bit from yesterday’s wind, but it looks pretty good today.

This field of soybeans near Wheatland seems to be healthy and thriving.

The wheat crop is just a few more days away to harvest. The stand seems a little thin, but we look forward to cutting it.

Some of the next tasks here will be to remove the combines and headers from storage and prepare them for wheat harvest.  There are some internal changes with the concaves and inserts that will need to be installed to make them thresh the wheat efficiently.  We hope to duplicate last year’s harvest, in which the grain in the bin looked so clean we could have used it for seed!

Have a great day.

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  1. Renee Klein says:

    Dennis, everything looking great. Always good to share the “farm” with us city folks.!

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