A week with a little bit of everything

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Yes, we had a variety of experiences with the weather and our activities this week.

On Sunday afternoon, John brought our granddaughters over to play in the leaf piles in our yard.  We had worked with a couple blowers to make a huge stack of leaves, and those girls really had a great time jumping into them!  It was a sunny and nice day, and the girls even went barefoot for a while  as they were enjoying the big leaf pile.   It was a beautiful day, but change was coming.

The next day (Monday) began as a gray, gloomy day, and rain began about noon.  John and I worked to replace the sections on the cutterbar for the JD 640FD header.  It was pleasant to work in the heated shop!  By 3 pm, you could see snowflakes in the air.  By evening, the ground was covered in snow!  The wind picked up in the evening, blowing strong and steady during the night.

Tuesday morning, schools all over SW Indiana were declared closed!  It was a stay-at-home (for the most part) day, with not much activity, except for Brandon clearing the snow drifts from our lane and many local county roads.  I did have to get out to the post office to get the property taxes in the mail.

Wednesday, the pace picked up a little.  We sent some corn to market. Even though the day started with a single-digit temperature (8), the day was sunny and warmed to the mid 20s.

On Thursday, Brandon completed his work with assisting Mr. Worland with the tile installation project on the Dunn farm.  The day began cold but sunny, and ended a bit overcast but 33F (1C).

Friday saw the folks from the local Nutrien plant applying the P&K fertility for the soybeans of 2020.  It was the day to pay for the seeds we have chosen for next year’s corn and soybean crops.  The temperatures warmed to the low 40s, and Monday’s snow was almost gone.  Brandon took a load of soybeans to the ADM elevator on the Ohio River in Newburgh, Indiana.  It’s a fairly easy drive…down I-69.

Saturday… Brandon washed the Kinze grain cart and the STX 420 post-harvest, and got them stored away.  Other than that, it was a pretty quiet Saturday at Carnahan & Sons.

How was your week?



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