Change in the Air

Monday, November 11, 2019

After very beautiful weekend weather, this Monday is a rainy day.  This rain is predicted to turn to snow, and at 3pm we can begin to see some flakes in the air.   Some accumulation is expected.  This brings another reinforcement of the gratitude that we have our harvest completed.

We have the knife of the JD 640FD header in the shop today.  We are replacing the sections so that the cutting parts will be mostly new when we go to the wheat field next June.  No, we are not replacing the guards, because we evaluated their condition, and decided they are not worn enough to merit replacement.  We will re-visit this decision after wheat to see if new guards are required before soybean harvest.

Old section (L), and the new one (R) This will breathe new life into the cutting ability of the 640FD header.

Gotta pay those property taxes tomorrow –twice a year, May and November.

Have a wonderful week.


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