Clean up has begun

Monday, October 28, 2019

We finished harvest last Thursday evening.  Brandon used all of Friday to take the combines and headers out to the field behind the shop to blow off the trash and loose dirt.  He used a leaf blower and the portable air compressor.  That is an important first step in the post-harvest clean-up.  Once that air cleaning is done, the washing goes much better, and can even be done in the shop, rather than outside on our ‘wash pad’.

He has the JD S780 in the shop today doing the washing.

Brandon is very thorough with his cleaning. This machine will shine like new when he’s done.

The headers will come in as soon as possible along with the CIH 8250 combine.  One at a time…the results will be pretty nice!

John has the loose grain debris cleaned up from under the dryer.  He got that on Friday, before the big rain would have turned it into a sloppy mess.  He has a little more cleaning to do on the dryer, but it is nearly ready for winter.

Office work continues as we evaluate the fertility program for 2020.  The lime and corn fertility plans have been identified and approved, and we are now going through the recommendations and costs for the 2020 soybean crop.  We will get that aligned with the budget in a few days.  Our local Nutrien plant is handling the applications.

Today is proof that the work doesn’t really stop…we move on to the next step.  The pace does get a little lighter now (as compared to planting or harvest time); supper at home is not a rare thing.

It’s a gray day, after a very foggy morning.  It is another great reason it is such a relief to have #harvest19 behind us.  The Saturday rain of over 2 inches (53mm) was welcome for the baby wheat crop, but if we still had corn or soybeans out there, it would be troublesome.  Also, Saturday night, we had winds about 50 mph (80km/h).  Some of the remaining cornfields of the neighbors have been severely knocked down (lodging is the technical term).  That also increases the difficulty of the harvest.  So, we are further celebrating our timely finish.  Another rain is predicted for Wednesday, with a significant cold spell to follow.  The forecasters even mentioned the word snow!   We know what it is like to work in the mud or snowy fields.  It sure decreases the fun factor.  Our hearts go out to those farmers who still have crops in the field.   Please remember them in your prayers.

Have a wonderful week.


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