Thursday, October 24, 2019

Now that evening is coming on, it’s a happy time to report that our #harvest19 is finished!

Here are the last rows of corn for 2019.

We got done with corn about 3 pm today.  Rather than wait until tomorrow to return to finish off a couple patches of late replant soybeans, Ross went to the Huey farm and I went to the Waldo farm (both of us with support, of course), and buzzed off the few acres of remaining soybeans.   As I write here in the farm office, I hear the dryer running the last bushels of corn.  It’ll shut down pretty soon.

This is the read-out in the farm office of the dryer’s operation. John can also monitor it from his iPhone. It will finish its work for 2019 soon. Only two truckloads of corn did not go through this machine this fall.

All the team is kinda tired, but it is a good feeling to have the combine work completed.

The work will continue tomorrow, of course.  There is an alternator to repair and then a little bit of bush-hog work to do at those two last corn fields.  There is some clean-up under the dryer.  I have made a list of fields that need sprouts cut along the ditches.

Soon the annual fall ritual of washing the equipment will commence.  Let’s hope the weather stays warm until that is complete.

As we reflect on #harvest19, we are grateful that the harvest-time weather was so very conducive to the work.  Dry, sunny days.  You could drive the trucks just about anywhere you needed them to go in the field.  And with the late planting of corn and soybeans, we had braced ourselves to the notion that we would be harvesting far into November.  Surprise!  The late-planted crops were ready in October!  The overall corn yield was down a bit from recent years, reflecting the later planting times.  Soybeans, however, were above our expectations, another happy surprise.  And our DCB (double-crop soybeans) were our best ever!   Just goes to show you that good things can come out of difficult circumstances.  Romans 8:28.

So, tomorrow, we will rise to another work day… but maybe not quite so early.

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2 Responses to Done.

  1. Renee Klein says:

    Hi Dennis,
    Congratulations on your tenacity and expertise with the crazy weather conditions!
    Love your blog and keeping up with the farm work. Blessings to all and hope to see you soon.

    • casifarm says:

      Thank you, Renee… it was a marathon, not a sprint! But the fall weather was very favorable. Blessed to be done. The weather report is not very nice for the next several days! So, it is a happy thing to have our grain in the bins, not in the fields yet.

      All the best to you.

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