A tiny bit of progress

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Yesterday evening and this morning, we were able to get out on the fields here at the home farm to do a bit of spraying the burndown herbicide for soybeans.  The conditions were certainly not perfect.  Most areas were nearly dry and pretty firm, but there were several spots where water was oozing out of the ground– kind of like a spring.    Even so, it felt good to make some progress leading us to #plant19.  There are some species of weeds that become more difficult to control as they get taller, especially a weed called “marestail”.  We need to stop them early.  All in all, we did get another 200+ acres treated in this small window of opportunity.  Looking to the west, rain is threatening again this morning.

Loading the JD 4730 sprayer yesterday afternoon. It was mostly sunny and 75ºF. Notice that the tires show we have been in some wet spots!

John did some mowing outside the office yesterday morning.

This was my view as I was applying herbicide yesterday evening.  The yellow weeds are called ‘golden ragwort’, and are easy to stop.  The little marestails are more difficult.

This is marestail. It is one of the more difficult weeds to control. You must treat it while it is small.  As the rain delays our field operations, these keep on growing!

This morning, dark clouds hang in the western sky. The Weather Channel app tells us it’ll be here in about an hour.

Now that the month of May has arrived and we have nothing planted, it is beginning to feel ‘urgent’.  We will push a little harder now to enter the fields, even if the conditions are not perfect.  There may be spots we will have to drive around, or ‘mud through’.  There may be fields where we need to plant the driest section, and return to complete planting later.   It will not be as easy as spring planting season in 2012, but we are still hopeful for a good harvest.  We are not changing our plans for what crop is planted in which field, and not yet changing corn hybrids or substituting soybeans where we intended to plant corn.  All those things are options for the future, but not yet necessary.

We pray for dryer, more productive days.  You hear some farmers say, “When the rain does stop, it’ll turn into a drought.”  We will try to be a little more optimistic than that.

Have a good May Day!





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  1. Donald E & Virginia E Patton says:

    Denis we pray every day for dry weather so you can commence with Plant 19.

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