Random thoughts on a rainy day.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Yes, it is another rainy April day in SWIN.  This keeps pushing back progress towards #plant19.  I guess it now feels like we are past any opportunity to plant ‘early’, but it does not feel ‘late’ yet.  So, we patiently wait (what else is there to do?).   At the present time, we are planning no significant changes to the plan for spring fertilizing/spraying/planting work.  We are hopeful and optimistic (without that you couldn’t be a farmer) that we will be making progress in the fields soon.

So, I’ll put up a few pictures of our alternative activities during this delay.

With the help of our contractor, Olan Worland, we have built a new WASCoB and repaired others.  Here, Brandon runs the dozer.  He’s getting pretty good at it.  

Brandon has been delivering corn to market, by appointment to GPC at Washington, Indiana.

John has fully tested the NH3 applicator, and it is completely ready to go.

The guys have been repairing tile holes for several days.

John installed new LED lighting in the shop. It’s brighter, and cheaper to operate.

Like many other farmers in the area, we have been burning crop residue that has floated into piles during winter’s flooding.

Last Thursday and yesterday, we were able to use parts of those days to apply a burndown herbicide to some soybean fields. Those acres are now ready for the air drill. ASAP!

This was the JD 4730 as we filled it during the tiny window of opportunity yesterday. It was okay to spray, but still too sticky wet to plant.  And we had to stop in advance of the rain in order for the herbicides to perform properly.  We watched the radar frequently yesterday!  Grateful for our smartphones.  

So, our patience is being tested.  We must balance our desire to plant as early as possible with doing the work in an excellent manner.  We don’t want merely to get our spring work “over with”, but we want to plant the valuable seeds in such a way as to maximize their opportunity to grow with success.  It’s a balancing act, requiring some experience and judgment.  It’s a blending of the ideas in Ecclesiastes 11:4 and James 5:7.  We must be patient and wait for favorable soil conditions, and at the same time, we must not be fearful of the weather predictions.  We may not find perfect conditions on every acre, but we balance the urgency of early planting with the accuracy required for the soil to produce its best.

Have a good weekend.

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