April starts, chilly and wet

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

We had some rain and later some snow last Saturday.  Little patches of the white stuff stuck around until today.  Now, looking at the forecast, we are awaiting the 70s predicted for next weekend!  Sounds good right now, as it has been 28F for the last two mornings.

Because of the rain that came last weekend, thoughts of getting some field work done will have to wait a few days…again.  Now that April has arrived, it adds some impetus for wanting to get going in the field.  Our first operations will include applying anhydrous ammonia–our nitrogen source for our corn.  Also, the wheat crop will need an application of Harmony herbicide.  Speaking of wheat, it looks pretty good right now, greening up nicely from the early-March application of urea+ESN.  Burndown spraying will precede the planters.  It could begin to feel urgent by next week.  We must remember that in 2018, we had snow on April 16th, and the result was still okay.   April planting of soybeans and corn is a desirable thing, if the conditions permit.

We have the CIH 2150 corn planter ready to use.  The JD 1910 air cart and 1890 drill are prepared.  The corn and soybean seed is on-site and ready to go.  The tractors are serviced.  They sit in the  shed, hooked to the NH3 equipment.  The JD 4730 sprayer is prepared to make its first applications.  Everything is ready, except for the fields.

Therefore, we say, “Come, warm and dry weather!”  Patience is needed and is a special asset these days.

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