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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sunny today.  Will get a little above 50ºF today.

Brad is  here from JL Farm Equipment, Poseyville, IN to install updated software in the MX290 tractor.  This update was necessary in order for the tractor’s controller to communicate with the new CIH 2150 planter.   After that update, we must load in farm-specific data so that the tractor’s control system has the appropriate information to recognize our farms, fields, operators, and hybrids.  To prepare that setup info, we also performed an update to our Ag Leader SMS desktop software, and then created a Spring 2019 setup file that was loaded by USB to the Pro 700 monitor in the tractor.  It feels good to have the programming completed and ready.  We are also experimenting with a planting prescription, written in Fieldview.  It took a couple trials to discover the format of the shapefile that the Pro700 prefers.  Brad has been very helpful in getting the information that has been created in the office loaded into the tractor’s monitor.

Brad’s service truck. With this, he’s ready for just about anything.

Brad plugs in his computer to the tractor and performs the software update. Only then can the tractor communicate properly with the planter.

Now that the MX290 has updated software, it can unfold the planter to field position.  Ross and Brad can then check the planter for some preliminary operations.  There are many new features that must be learned.

Creating the “Spring 2019” setup files using the “Device Setup Utility” in Ag Leader SMS.

Also, we heard from our seed dealer, Jeff Jackson, and he has begun the seed treatment of our Asgrow soybean seed.    That work is accomplished at our nearby Nutrien plant.  We should be able to pick up our first batch of soybean seed, coated with that pink treatment,  sometime tomorrow.   We got the Vision truck out today, and thoroughly cleaned the trailer.  It is now ready to receive its first load of seed.  This is another important step towards #plant19.

Brandon fuels up the Vision truck after he has cleaned the trailer hoppers. They are ready for soybean seed.

The sunshine sure lifts our spirits today.

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