River problem?

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Knox County, Indiana is certainly river country.  The Wabash forms the west side of the county.  The West Fork of the White River forms the entire eastern and southern boundary of Knox County, and it flows into the Wabash.  We have about 12% of our acreage in the White River flood plain.   So, a flood event during growing season causes us some concern.

The remains of tropical storm Gordon pounded central Indiana most of yesterday, and it is predicted to continue through today and tomorrow.   The river forecast at Edwardsport reports currently a crest of 19.1 feet.  The Edwardsport reporting station is about 1 day’s worth of river flow ahead of our farms near US 50.    Flood stage begins at 15 feet, but we can tolerate a 19-foot river with little damage.  Above that, the damage increases rapidly.  So, we are hoping that the rain predicted for Indianapolis and other points upriver will not be as heavy as yesterday, and spread out over a couple days… giving the White River basin the capacity to ‘digest’ it without increasing the flood crest here along Knox County.

This river forecast does not cause us great alarm, at least not this morning. We will see how the weekend’s continue rain alters this forecast.

We can recall one flood event in September several years ago, and it was not pretty.

We received 1.9″ (48mm) rain last night, and combined with what is predicted for today and tomorrow, will surely delay our planned start of harvest on Monday. When the soil is firm enough to support the combines, #harvest18 will begin here.



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