‘nother rain

Friday, June 15, 2018

Early this morning, about breakfast time, we received another light rain.  This is on top of the one we got on Wednesday evening, which brought us about a half inch (13mm).   6.2 inches (157 mm) this month, so far!  June has been a wet one, and today it is pretty hot and humid.  We had planned to begin wheat harvest on the 12th (Tuesday), but the rainy spell put that off for several days.  We’ll check tomorrow to see if the fields will support the combines, and if the wheat itself is dry enough to cut.  By now, I thought the wheat would be in the bins, and we’d be concentrating on getting the double-crop soybeans (DCB) planted.  But the weather had a different plan, and we must adjust to the conditions.

In other news, today marks the 15th anniversary of the day  Wheatland Christian Church moved into our new building near US 50 at Wheatland, Indiana.  Great memories.

Have a good weekend.  Keep cool in this steamy weather.

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