Rainy weekend

Monday, June 11, 2018

We were awakened this morning, not by the alarm clock, but by the booming sounds of thunder.  It brought additional rain to add to the total from Saturday and Sunday.   So far in this rain event, we’ve received 3.8″(97mm).  Before the weekend, we were getting dry again, and the corn was ‘rolling’ (some people call it ‘pineapple’ corn) in the heat of the afternoons.  But now, we are hoping for a dry week or ten days… the wheat crop is nearly ready, and will likely be fully ripe and mature by the time the soils dry again.  Before the rainy weekend, we had planned to begin wheat harvest on Tuesday.

The corn is really liking this moisture. But it can stop for a while now…

Our town is showing on the Weather Channel this morning. See “Vincennes” near the bottom of the screen? A storm is coming…again.

When that storm arrived, it rained pretty hard for several minutes.

We will pray for a stretch of dry days to get the wheat crop cut.

Here is this week’s forecast…

Still, we are grateful for the rain, and we will see what the coming days bring us…

Have a good week.



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