Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ross will get started with corn planting today.  He and John finished applying the anhydrous ammonia yesterday evening.  They were able to get the corn planter hooked up and loaded in the evening.  I also finished the spraying of burndown herbicide on the corn acres.

On Friday evening, Brandon loads the corn planter with some DeKalb DKC 64-35 hybrid.

Today, John will get the JD 2510H toolbar stored at Huey, and then he will clean out the sprayer.  We will get the JD 9520R tractor hooked up to the soybean air drill.  It will need to be loaded with seed, and the meters calibrated.  The water trailer will go to CPS to be switched over to soybean herbicide.  So, this will be a transition day.  Not sure if the soybean planter will get started today, but for sure on Monday.

We were wondering if we would get any corn or soybeans planted in April, but looks like that’s gonna happen!

Have a good weekend.

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