Comin’ down

Wednesday, April 24, 2018

It was a nice, sunny day.  It got to 69ºF (21C).  The guys from Montgomery Welding were here all day, working on the dismantling of the old grain leg.  The took down the remaining 3 downspouts, then the distributor.  In the afternoon, they took down the top 40 feet of the leg.  Tomorrow should see the remainder come down, and the boot come up out of the pit.  Sure feels like good progress today.

The shortest downspout pipe flies through the air on its way to the ground.

The distributor is now loose and being lowered

Here, the upper sections of the old leg rest on the ground.

By the way, this distributor is only about 7  years old (installed in August 2011) … and it has a lot of useful life left in it.  It’s for sale, so if you know of anyone who would be interested in a Creamer Metal Products, electric-powered, 10-hole, 8-inch distributor… just give us a call.

The fields are still too wet to return to nitrogen applications, or even to spray.  Looks like it will be dry enough by the weekend.  Next week’s forecast has warmer days and nights.   That sure sounds good!


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