Special Guests

Monday, April 23, 2018

Last Friday afternoon/evening, we had special visitors to the farm.  Dave and Laura from western New York were here to meet us and have a look around to see first hand about life on a Midwestern grain farm.   They had been on an extended tour of the middle of the country, with special stops in Kentucky and at the ARK.   They prefer to travel off the interstates to get a better ‘feel’ for the territory they’re seeing.  They even traveled up US 150 from Louisville to Shoals, Indiana… and on that particular road, you sure can’t get in a hurry.  It is very scenic any time of year, but sooo curvy that you must slow down to navigate it.  It takes you through a very pretty part of hilly southern Indiana.

Laura and Dave from western New York state. They certainly have an appreciation for farming.

We got to visit with Dave and Laura at the farm, and take a look around.  Then, we did Dave’s favorite part, which was to visit John in the field as he was applying nitrogen.   Dave got to ride a few rounds with John and observe the tractor and its technology.   He seemed pleased with the experience.  He said it had been several years since he’d been on an articulated farm tractor.

In the evening, they were on their way, but it was nice to have them here, even if briefly.  Thank you, Dave and Laura, for coming.

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