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Saturday, April 21, 2018

We got back in the field yesterday.  Ross and John were applying nitrogen to corn fields.  Bill was here to run tanks back and forth.  Brandon was using the field cultivator to smooth some ruts ahead of the nitrogen application, and I was out in the 4730 sprayer to apply a herbicide to wheat fields.  If there are no hiccups today, the wheat task should get finished.  Then, the sprayer will be cleaned out and the water supply trailer set up to spray burn-down herbicide to corn acres.   Need about 3 more days to apply nitrogen, but unsure if some of the fields east of Wheatland will be dry enough to do yet.   Adjustments, adjustments.

Working at the Steen Hill field. Wheat looks pretty good.  So far, at least.

Sprayer lays down a uniform layer of herbicide.

The guys from Montgomery Welding were here yesterday with their small crane to begin removing downspout pipes from the old leg.  It’s good to see those coming down.  Feels like progress.

Downspout pipes started coming down on Friday.

The old pipes are laid aside, hopefully out of the way until they can be removed from the site.

On some of the flatter fields where corn stalks or soybean debris floated into a windrow, we will need to burn those spots to help the soil underneath to dry properly.  Saw some similar fires around the neighborhood yesterday afternoon.   Another rite of spring.

It was good to have a warmer afternoon yesterday, and Thursday night did not get as cold as predicted.  Two good things.  The forecast is better, with temps at least in the 60s for several days.  No rain until late next week.

Have a nice weekend.


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