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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Yesterday evening, we finally made a breakthrough with the JD Gen 4 screen.  We were able to get it to read and accept planting prescriptions that were written in JD Operations Center.  (OpCtr).  We had been experiencing a difficulty inside the Gen 4 that would ‘balk’ at accepting the prescriptions, and call for a reboot just as you thought it was going to work.  With some considerable diligence from John, as well as Nick and Shane and Isaac from Hutsons….and some phone advice from Stellar Support… we discovered the glitch, and found the way to make the prescriptions work.  There was an aversion in the system to special characters in the labels of field names and in the names of the prescriptions themselves…once we removed the character apostrophe (‘) from those items, it all seems to work now.

For many years, we have been writing our prescriptions in JD’s previous desktop software, Apex.  (and before that, JD Office!)  With the addition of the Gen 4 screen in the 9520R, it would not accept prescriptions from Apex, so a new method needed to be learned.

This machine is just about ready to load with soybeans and head to the field!

Next step in the learning curve for me is the set up of the air cart in the Gen 4 screen.  Most of it looks familiar, but I will need some assistance in setting up the delays associated with section control–that operates differently in Gen 4 from the previous GreenStar 2630 to which we’ve been accustomed for several years.   I must learn this quickly, for John needs to hitch this tractor to the JD 2510H applicator and get it ready for ammonia applications, perhaps as early as next week!

Preparations for #plant18 are moving along… even if it’s frosty out there this morning!


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