More prep

Friday, March 9,2018

Work continues on preparation for #plant18.  This afternoon’s task was to service and inspect the JD 2510H toolbar–one of the machines we use to apply nitrogen for our corn.  Brandon and John are giving it a thorough going-over.

Each row unit must be inspected and serviced, along with the folding frame. Lubrication of the moving parts and hinges are part of this work

The final load of 2017 corn was sent to market today.  We are now officially MT.  As another farmer told me today, “Now, the price can go up.”

Out it goes…

Our local HS basketball team, the South Knox Spartans, has advanced to the 2nd tier of the Indiana tournament (2A).  They will play at Paoli tomorrow, and if they get afternoon and evening wins, they will effectively be in the “Final Four” of the tourney, and advance to the Semi-State game on the following Saturday–one win there puts them in the Indiana State Final game on March 23…at the second-to-none Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.   Best of luck to the Spartans tomorrow.

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