Chilly Friday

December 8, 2017

It was a frosty morning.  The day began about 10 degrees colder than yesterday.  But even with that, it feels better today, because there is no wind.  Yes, it is the wind that makes the cold harder to take in SWIN.

Brandon has a very busy day today with delivering loads of corn to GPC at Washington, IN.  He has 6 appointments to keep today.  My task is to keep the overhead load-out bin ready for him, and drive the truck as he operates the filling gate.

There goes Brandon in the Pete with another load of corn to GPC.

We had a visit from granddaughter Molly this morning, and she was able to ride the old pedal tractor.  This old tractor, on its 3rd restoration, was the one I rode as a kid.  Now almost 60 years later, my granddaughters are enjoying it!

Molly can now ride the old Farmall 400 pedal tractor.

This was the temperature here on Monday.

Contrast the temp from this morning!





These two pictures from the dashboard of the pickup show how the weather can change here in SWIN.


Have a great weekend, everyone!


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