Thursday, December 7, 2017

Snow!  The first flakes of this winter season are coming down this morning!   Of course, there’s no accumulation– you have to look hard to see the sparse flakes… but it is correct to say it’s snowing.  The temperature has gone down considerably from the 60º+ of early this week.  Today we have 27º with a 17º wind chill.  What a contrast in just a few days.  Even so, it is December after all– snow and cold are okay with me.

The weather station in the farm office shows how chilly it really is this morning. What you can’t see on this device are the snowflakes in the air.

The new tractor has received the initial attention from John.  He has a couple coats of wax on it, and put a few spots of touch-up paint on the wheels.  It gleams like a new machine should!  He used all day Tuesday to install the wiring harnesses for the video feeds and the rate controller for the JD 2510H applicator.  It is now ready to operate the N-Ject NH3 system with its section control apparatus.  It is also going to be the tractor that pulls the soybean air drill.

It is interesting to me that my initial experience driving a tractor as a little kid was on a JD 520… one of those old two-cylinder “putt-putt” tractors.  I preferred this tractor…it had a hand-operated clutch that I could work… foot clutches were too hard for me to push down, but I could do the 520!  I ran the rake in the hay field, and later operated the baler, too.  So, my first tractor-driving experience was on a 520 over 50 years ago.  Next spring, I will be operating a 520 again… a 9520R tractor.   Just a little difference in the horsepower!

More than 50 years ago, I learned to drive a tractor on a John Deere like this one. I loved the hand clutch, and the power steering.

Next spring, I’ll be driving this 520… a 9520R! Looking forward to it, too.

Brandon is delivering soybeans to market at ADM in Newburgh, Indiana.  Takes about 3 hours to make that round-trip.  He says he wants to sweep a corn bin this afternoon… but it is so cold!

This cold spell is predicted to last into the foreseeable future.  It feels like basketball season in Indiana for sure!


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