End of a busy week

Friday, November 3, 2017

We’ve had some pretty cold nights, down into the high 20s.  But towards the end of the week, a warm-up has been happening.  It is gray and drizzly this morning, but not so cold.  In fact, some temps in the 70s are predicted for the weekend!   Probably not good to be that warm in November.

The sprayer is now winterized and placed into an unheated storage building.  Other maintenance is taking place, too.

John rigged up a barrel full of winterizing fluid to place in the sprayer. He then circulated this juice through the spray system and boom.

Also in the shop, Brandon and John put a coat of paint on our fuel/service trailer. It’s not a Thunder Creek, but it does the job.

The office has been a busy place.   There is another meeting today in which we will discuss our herbicide plan and soybean fertility plan for 2018.  Grain deliveries are now ‘caught up’, but Ross has been making some new contract sales which will happen later this month and in December.

There was one big “oops” moment yesterday.  As I was working with compiling the corn harvest results, I had several Excel sheets open at one time.  I was finishing the transferring of the unload information from the yellow pad where each load is recorded.  I had just completed it, and I was very satisfied that the final bushel total was congruent with the to-date sales and the November 1 inventory.   But the unthinkable happened!  That sheet disappeared!  Oh, my!  And to my consternation, I had not hit the ‘save’ button.   I’m not sure how that got away without being saved… Well, I spent the afternoon, 4 1/2 hours, to re-build that spreadsheet.  Needless to say, I clicked ‘save’ frequently during that re-build!

Lesson learned… again.

Have a nice weekend.  Hope your preparations for Thanksgiving are going well.


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