Another end of the month

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Here’s a memory of October 31st.  On this date in 1994, we received a 4″ snow.  I can recall that, because on the previous night, as we were harvesting corn at Huey, we had a small combine fire.  As the grain cart driver was pulling up behind me to catch a hopper of corn, he said on the radio, “What’s that red glow up there on the back of your combine?”  There had been a very small fuel leak that ignited some dust.  We exhausted our extinguishers, and then pulled the machine close to a ditch.  We did a “bucket brigade” with water from that ditch to finally get the fire out.  As we left the field that night (very late), you could see the first flakes begin to fall.  When we returned to the corn field the next morning, we arrived to a field with a white blanket.  By the way, the extent of the fire damage was minimal… we had to replace a wiring harness on the left rear of that CIH 1680 combine.  Sure could have been worse.  Memories.

We continue to deliver corn to GPC this week, concluding today with the final delivery to fill our October contracts.

Brandon heads out in the Pete with the last October load bound for GPC

John has been working to winterize the sprayer.  It cannot sit in our relatively small, heated shop all winter, so this treatment must be made.  He has also taken this opportunity to thoroughly wash and wax the sprayer, getting it ready for the crush of work that will begin early next spring.

John washes the JD 4730 sprayer again. He keeps it looking like new.

We continue with our year-end tax planning, and with refining our cash flow projections and crop budgets for 2018.  There is a federal form for the trucks called a UCR filing that must be made tomorrow.  Seems like there’s always something that needs attention in this office!

But now, we are at a time of year when we can have a more regular life.  The busy harvest season is behind us.  There is still much work to be done, but does not require the longer hours of planting or harvest.  We can be home for supper!

The weather has cooled down quite a bit, and the temperatures have been below average for a week or so.  It’s 29 out there this morning, and supposed to warm to the low 40s today.  Average for this week would be daytime low 60s and nighttime high 30s.   With these temps, it is pleasant to know that the harvest is complete.  I read recently that across Indiana, about 40% of the corn remains in the field, but that’s not true in SWIN… it seems like everyone here is done.

Next year’s wheat crop is off to a good start.  There is a good, uniform stand of wheat in each field.

The young wheat at the Roberson farm looks healthy. This was planted 29 days ago on October 2.

We will all flip another calendar page tomorrow morning, and on Saturday night, set our clocks back an hour.   HS Basketball season begins this week (for girls), and to be sure, it ‘feels’ like basketball weather.  Time flies.





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