Getting dry

Saturday, August 12, 2017

We missed another opportunity for a rain last night.  We did get .1″ at 5 farm fields (according to, but it has been several days since our last soaker.  One saving circumstance is that the daily high temps have been in the low 80s or even some days in the 70s.   Just yesterday, I began to notice some signs of moisture stress in a couple soybean fields.  It is not yet urgent or ‘crisis’ time, but a good rain would be welcome.

Ross and Brandon have had a few days away, down at the Kentucky State Fair.  They are competing in the horse show there.  Ross has been participating there for many years.  In fact, Ross tells me the first time he won a class at KSF was in 1966–51 years ago!

Brandon and Ross have had a few days away from the farm this week.

We took some time to drive around to check on the progress of the crops this week.  It is encouraging (mostly), and we look forward to harvest.  The damage from the July flooding along White River left some damaged and destroyed strips through those fields.  But most of the fields are coming along well.

In my opinion, there is nothing nicer than a field of clean soybeans during early August.

A view of the main farm from East Wheatland Road.

Here is what you’d see if your were driving into Carnahan & Sons this week. Soybeans all around.


Have a super weekend, everyone.  Looks like it will be another beautiful one–nothing but blue skies!

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