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Monday, August 7, 2017

We continue to nibble at little tasks that keep us busy.  Pre-harvest servicing of trucks continues.  This truck, the “Vision” needed a couple new batteries and a battery cable.

We mowed the yard over the weekend.  It was a very pleasant day to do so.

View from the seat of the little Z540M mower. The zero-turn design makes the mowing go faster than when I was using a little tractor-type mower.

The guys from Montgomery Welding have nearly wrapped up the new bin floor installation!

This new flooring has one unloading port or well in the center, with 3 additional auxiliary wells. This will vastly improve air circulation through the corn in storage here.

This view of the soybeans here at the home farm is very favorable. Not every field is this nice, but we are mostly optimistic at this point in time about the upcoming harvest.

I’m looking forward to my granddaughter’s birthday party on Saturday.  She will be 5… wow, she is growing up so fast… bet that sounds like a grandpa, huh?  She had some time at grandma and grandpa’s house over the weekend, and her daddy brought her Gator to drive around the yard!

Ella is a very good driver!

Have a great week, everyone.




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