Another nice rain

Monday, July 24, 2017

Yesterday morning, as the alarm went off, you could hear the sound of thunder in the distance.  I walked out to the box for the morning newspaper, and I could see the gray ‘wall of water’ coming in from the west.  Soon, I could hear and feel the big drops falling all around me, just as I made it back to the front door.  This was a refreshing sound and a great feeling.   There were some concerning moments during the rain, as there were 60mph gusts of wind accompanying the storm.  The rain lasted a little over an hour.

Our previous rain was 10 days ago, and our corn was just beginning to “roll”–showing signs of moisture stress in the hot afternoons.  This rain event came on all our fields, and brought us from 1.3 to 2.2 inches of rain (33 to 56mm), depending on the farm’s location.  We were very pleased and grateful for this rain.

This is today’s email rainfall report from Climate Corp.

We have some damage from last week’s small flood event on White River.  After the crest at 20.8 feet, the river level dropped dramatically.

We are close to being MT (empty) of corn from the 2016 crop.  We are sending some loads to GPC this week, and soon we’ll be down to the final load.  It’s a mixed bag of emotions… it’s always sad to go MT, but good to have the bins cleaned out, too.

Jake and his crew from Montgomery Welding are making good progress on the new aeration floor in our bin 10A.

Here, you see the vertical galvanized steel supports that will hold up the new flooring.

This is the new under-floor unloading auger.

There will be more mowing this week, first my yard, and then some roadsides.

We are appreciating a small break from last week’s temps in the 90s.  This week, they are telling us highs in the mid-to-upper 80s.   It is amazing how different that feels!  Not only do we like it, but the corn and soybeans like the 80s better, too.




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